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Who Knew You Could Bake a Cake In One Of These?

Described as the “Lazy Man’s Chocolate Lava Cake” you won’t believe what he baked it in! Watch this interesting tutorial from Cooking with Jack.

Finally You Can Fix That Broken Zipper!

I will save a lot of time and money now that I know this simple method for repairing a broken zipper.

These Mummy Pizzas Are So Delicious It’s SCARY

Halloween is in less than two weeks! Celebrate with this super adorable and delicious mummy pizza’s.

He Painted His Concrete Floor & Completely Transformed It!

You can transform your dull concrete floor into something beautiful with the right tools. Awesome!

Did You Know You Can Deep Fry a Pumpkin Spiced Latte?

If you can’t get enough of pumpkin spice then this tutorial is for you. Deep fried PSL anyone?