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Jordan Smith Knocks Chandelier Out Of The Park

This blind audition is one of my favorites so far. Jordan Smith has a beautiful voice that you’ll want to hear again and again.

Pretty Up Your Pumpkins This Fall

Tired of the same old jack-o’-lanterns? Create beautiful fall decor you can use year after year with this neat tutorial.

Rich VS Poor Blind Man Honesty “Social Experiment”

When a man feigns blindness for this social experiment, he exposes the truth of how honest people are and the results may surprise you.

Here’s a Fix For Lumpy Gravy

Learn how to make a beautiful gravy and what to do if it turns out a little lumpy. Brilliant!

Cats Aren’t The Only Pets Who Love Chasing Red Dots

Fish are far more curious than I ever suspected. Watch them take interest in the red dot we’ve been tormenting our pets with for years.